Carbon Budget Counter Event- December 2, 12:45, City Hall Steps

  • When: 12:45 – 1:15, December 2
  • Where: City Hall Steps
  • What: See the Carbon Budget Counter and show your support for strong climate action from city council

Edmonton’s Carbon Budget Counter is ticking. Fast. It symbolizes Edmonton’s huge impact on climate change and begs the question: what are we doing about it? And how urgently are we acting?

Climate Action Edmonton will host its first event on December 2nd at City Hall. Join us as we unveil Edmonton’s Carbon Budget Counter to demonstrate the seriousness of the climate emergency and to illustrate the need for immediate action.

More about the Carbon Budget Counter:

In 2018, Mayor Don Iveson signed the  Edmonton Declaration, (since ratified by over 4,500 mayors), that committed Edmonton to a carbon budget of 155,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent ,starting January 1, 2019. If we meet that commitment, we will be doing our share to keep climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius. That number is not something to celebrate, as any global warming is harmful, but it is at least manageable (as in, we may get to keep society).

155 million tonnes seems like a lot, but how much is it, really? As you can see in the banner of this web page, Edmonton’s emissions are enormous. Every 1.6 seconds, we emit a tonne of carbon dioxide. That’s 55,000 tonnes a day, or approximately 20 million tonnes a year. In fact, at the current rate, we are  poised to use up and exceed our carbon budget in 7-8 years! 

Edmonton city council has been and remains way too casual about climate change. After Mayor Iveson signed the declaration, city council declared a climate emergency in August. But very little action has taken place. Our road expansion plans are untouched, and one councillor has even started musing about cancelling the West LRT line!

Enough is enough. The city has shirked its responsibility for too long. The world is burning, the seas are rising, and people are suffering. We must act.

Show your support on December 2 at City Hall!

(here’s the Facebook event page link)

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