Our Mission

We believe that concerned citizens can make a big difference in making the systemic changes necessary to  turn around Edmonton’s climate future. We can lobby government, initiate innovative new projects, and engage with businesses and organizations.

You can help make this change. And Climate Action Edmonton will be there to help.

Our Objectives

Current Projects

 We have partnered with Butterwick Projects to test out new technology around deep energy retrofits of three single family homes in Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton is spending its carbon budget. Fast.

As a signatory of the Edmonton Declaration, the City of Edmonton has committed to a carbon budget of 155,000,000 tonnes of CO2e starting on January 1, 2019. By meeting that commitment, we will be doing our share to keep climate change to 1.5° C. While 155 million tonnes seems like a lot, but how much is it, really? Every 1.6 seconds, Edmontontians emit a tonne of CO2. That’s 55,000 tonnes a day, or approximately 20 million tonnes a year. At our current rate, we are  poised to use up and exceed our carbon budget in 7-8 years.

Help make the change.

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