Edmonton City Admin Dropped a Bomb in August and Nobody Noticed

Graph presented to city council by admin on August 27.

There are some great people working at the city. (Too many of them don’t have enough power, but that rant is for another time.) Some of those great people prepared and presented a report to city council on August 27 of this year.

Who wants the world to heat up 1.5 degrees or less? If so, then to do our part, our emissions per capita in Edmonton need to drop by 80% in the next ten years.

The scope of the challenge is enormous. Put another way, Edmonton has a remaining carbon budget of 155 million tonnes. And we emit about 55,000 tonnes per day. (😫) I’ve put a counter at the top of this website. We need to make that thing slow down.

City council made one motion for admin to make a plan by late next year (eating up 10% of our time), and another to create an “interim report” (no timeline specified) with actions that can be taken before said plan is introduced.

Next post: what will the plan look like and what can we, Climate Action Edmonton and its supporters, do about it?


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